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Group 401(K)
Bringing real value to member businesses

You chose NUCA-Advantage for a reason, and the NUCA-Advantage 401(k) program is one more important way we make that choice worth it.

What is a 401(K) program?

It’s a group 401(k) solution that organizations can offer to members, like you, to join—typically at a group rate. The program gathers many tasks involved in operating a retirement plan and hands them over to third parties, like administrative and investment fiduciaries. So, you get the benefit of offering a 401(k) to employees without having to own all of the work, responsibility and liability.

Perception vs. Reality

We know a lot of considerations come with retirement plans:

  •  You may be comfortable with the plan you have

  • Maybe you don’t think your employees would value such a benefit—or that your benefits can’t compete with larger companies

  • Maybe cost is on your mind

The reality is:

  • Your plan may be working—but in the group program, you may be able to make it even better and save money

  • Retirement plans are some of employees’ most valued benefits

  • In the group program, your plan is still your plan—and it helps you keep your competitive edge

  • The group rate may be less than you’re already paying

Strength - and value - in numbers

By joining the NUCA-Advantage 401(k) program with Lincoln, you get:

  • Individual attention.

  • Access to potential pricing and service efficiencies—economies of scale—that you may not have by sponsoring a plan on your own.

  • The power of a group plan with the flexibility to customize your own plan design—retaining a design that’s working for you or changing to one that will. No need to forfeit your business’s distinct needs.


Meaning, you get to offer a plan that makes sense for you and your employees, vetted by NUCA-Advantage and other businesses like yours, all at a competitive group cost for each business that joins.

Schedule time with Christopher Price, CFP®, RICP®, ChFC®, Director of the NUCA-Advantage 401(k) program to explore how the NUCA-Advantage 401(k) program can work for your business.

Image by Matthew Bennett
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